Felon arrested; Milwaukee family feared retaliation

Felon arrested; Milwaukee family feared retaliation

Members of a Milwaukee family can finally find some peace after the city refused to take them into protective custody for the second time on Friday, November 17. According to FOX6 Investigators, the family’s convicted felon they fear is now back in jail.

Donnell Boose, the son, expressed relief, stating, “My mom is able to sleep now. I’m able to sleep now.” Just three days prior, the family was considering leaving their home due to safety concerns.

Sandra Boose, the mother, lives near 23rd and Cherry, an area known as the home of the Cherry Street Mob. After witnessing a man waving a gun during a vigil for homicide victim Ted Robertson in January, she promptly called the police, expecting them to intervene and ensure their safety.

However, the response took a different turn. Instead of protection, Sandra Boose’s house was filled with bullets. The police found shell casings and a cellphone with an email linked to a wanted felon, Marvin K. Smith Jr. Although the report labeled Smith as a “person involved,” it did not explicitly identify him as a suspect.

On Friday, the police arrested Smith on a probation violation, stating they have a “person of interest” in the shooting without confirming if Smith is that person. Donnell Boose mentioned that his mother, Sandra, now feels safe at home, at least for the time being. The family expressed gratitude to the community members who spoke up, contributing to their sense of security.

Earlier this month, a judge issued a four-year restraining order against Smith, partially based on the Boose family’s claims that he targeted their home in a shooting. Smith is scheduled for sentencing on an unrelated felony gun charge on December 18.