Milwaukee fatal shooting; accused says gun ‘accidentally went off’

Milwaukee fatal shooting; accused says gun 'accidentally went off'

In a tragic incident on Wednesday, February 14, a 73-year-old man from Milwaukee stands accused of the fatal shooting of another man on the city’s northwest side. The accused, identified as Gary Gerdman, faces charges of homicide by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon.

The events unfolded when Milwaukee police responded to a shooting complaint at a residence near Grantosa and Butler. Upon arrival, an officer discovered a man who had sustained gunshot wounds inside the residence. The victim was swiftly transported to a hospital for treatment but tragically succumbed to his injuries later.

During the investigation, detectives engaged with Gerdman, who claimed to reside alone at the location but admitted to allowing a woman to stay with him. Initially, Gerdman denied familiarity with the victim but acknowledged him as an acquaintance of the woman. Gerdman recounted being in his bedroom when he heard commotion, prompting the woman to seek refuge in his room. Subsequently, two individuals allegedly forced their way into Gerdman’s room, one brandishing a firearm and making threats. Gerdman recounted the perpetrators demanding money and seizing a handgun he had concealed under his mattress. After the intruders departed, Gerdman emerged from his room to discover the victim wounded and promptly contacted emergency services.

Upon further questioning by detectives, Gerdman confessed to his acquaintance with the victim, identifying him as a drug dealer who had approached him regarding a drug transaction at his residence. Gerdman admitted to agreeing to the arrangement in exchange for a monetary payment from the victim.

Surveillance footage from Gerdman’s home revealed a gunshot occurring after the departure of the alleged intruders. When pressed about the shooting, Gerdman admitted to inadvertently discharging the firearm, resulting in the victim’s injuries. Consequently, Gerdman was placed under arrest.

Appearing in Milwaukee County court on Monday, February 19, Gerdman faced his initial hearing, during which a cash bond was set at $10,000. This development underscores the tragic consequences of a series of events that culminated in the loss of life and the legal proceedings now confronting the accused.