Milwaukee home shot up; family’s sense of security destroyed

In mere moments, a routine family meal for a Milwaukee household turned into a harrowing ordeal of seeking refuge from gunfire within the confines of their own home. Dyaquisha Harness, struggling to articulate the shock and confusion, grappled with the sudden eruption of violence that shattered their sense of security.

The aftermath revealed a scene of devastation within the family’s residence at 28th and Auer, as bullet holes marred windows, walls, and furniture. Milwaukee police confirmed that the duplex was targeted by gunfire on February 1st, plunging the household into chaos as shots rang out unexpectedly during their mealtime.

With bullets piercing through their living space, Harness and her family, comprising six individuals, sought shelter in a room until the barrage ceased. The relentless onslaught left them shaken, with Harness attempting to count the shots amidst the chaos, only to be overwhelmed by the continuous gunfire.

Residing on the second floor of the duplex, Harness remains perplexed as to the motive behind the attack and the identity of the perpetrators. Bewildered and pleading for answers, she questions why their home was targeted when they have done nothing to provoke such violence.

Forced to relocate to a hotel, the family feels unsafe returning to their home, compounded by the landlord’s inability to offer alternative accommodations. Struggling to find a new place to live, Harness implores for assistance in securing a safe and stable environment for her family.

Milwaukee police are actively investigating the incident, striving to identify those responsible for the shooting. Harness and her family harbor hopes for an arrest, yearning for the peace of mind that comes with knowing justice will be served.

Despite the chaos and destruction wrought upon their home, the silver lining emerges in the fact that no injuries were sustained during the shooting. In the midst of the turmoil, the family finds solace in their collective safety, even as they grapple with the trauma of the ordeal.