Milwaukee mom struck by vehicle; family grieves sudden loss

Milwaukee mom struck by vehicle; family grieves sudden loss

A routine walk to a bus stop turned tragic on Milwaukee’s north side, culminating in the untimely death of a woman, leaving her family grappling with grief. The incident unfolded near Villard and Teutonia, where a crash scene, now cleared, serves as a stark reminder of the life lost.

The victim, identified as Beatrice Johnson, was on her way to the bus stop on Friday night when a car struck her, resulting in her immediate death at the scene. The driver remained present, and law enforcement subsequently made an arrest in connection with the incident.

For Johnson’s family, the reality of her absence is still sinking in. Her daughter, Laura Johnson, expressed the heartbreaking sentiment that, in her mind, there’s an expectation for her mother to return home. The 59-year-old victim’s family recalls her as the life of the party, known for her humor, straightforwardness, and her central role in TikTok videos created by her oldest son, Christopher Johnson.

Amid the holiday season, the family finds themselves grappling with sorrow, compounded by the loss of their beloved matriarch. Christopher Johnson describes the pervasive shock among their circle, emphasizing the difficulty of navigating this overwhelming pain during what should be a festive time.

As they try to honor their mother’s memory, the family is confronted with the unexpected task of laying her to rest. Laura Johnson acknowledges the challenging timing around Christmas and the holidays, expressing the hope that any support, no matter how small, would be appreciated.

Milwaukee police have reported that the district attorney’s office is currently reviewing potential charges for the 54-year-old driver involved in the fatal incident. The family is left to mourn and remember a woman who met a tragic end while simply trying to make her way home.