Milwaukee shooting, drug investigation; man, woman charged

Milwaukee shooting, drug investigation; man, woman charged

In February, a shooting incident in Milwaukee initiated a thorough investigation, which subsequently led to a significant drug bust and the filing of criminal charges against two individuals. The accused are identified as Kelviceo Freeman, aged 31, and Keosha Whitehorn, aged 38. Allegations against them involve multiple felonies. Authorities claim that during separate searches conducted on a residence and vehicles linked to the case, law enforcement uncovered various illicit substances, including marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs.

The sequence of events unfolded on the night of February 20 when Milwaukee police responded to a shooting near 45th and Chambers. Upon arrival, officers encountered a black Dodge pickup truck parked nearby, with Freeman situated in the driver’s seat. Subsequently, upon entering the residence, Whitehorn was discovered in a bedroom, having sustained apparent gunshot wounds to her wrist and thigh. As officers began their investigation, Freeman vacated the scene, leaving behind the pickup truck he had been occupying.

Whitehorn, upon being taken to a hospital for treatment, provided conflicting accounts regarding the circumstances of her injuries. However, she eventually admitted to possessing a firearm and accidentally shooting herself in the bedroom. Following the shooting, law enforcement obtained a warrant and conducted searches of the residence and the pickup truck. These searches yielded significant evidence, including marijuana, firearms, cash, and various drug paraphernalia.

Further developments in the case occurred on February 27 when officers observed a vehicle, previously parked near the scene of the shooting, attempting to park behind a home in another location. Upon investigation, Freeman and Whitehorn were identified as occupants of the vehicle. Freeman was subsequently apprehended, and a search revealed additional incriminating evidence, including firearms and suspected drugs.

Kelviceo Freeman faces multiple charges, including possession of a firearm by a felon and possession with intent to distribute cocaine. He appeared in court on March 4, where a cash bond was set at $20,000. On the other hand, Keosha Whitehorn faces charges such as possession of a firearm by a felon and possession with intent to distribute THC. As of the latest records, Whitehorn is yet to appear in court to address the charges brought against her.