Wisconsin’s Most Wanted: Juiquin ‘Quincy’ Pinkard sought for assault, drugs

Wisconsin's Most Wanted: Juiquin 'Quincy' Pinkard sought for assault, drugs

A Milwaukee man with a history of involvement in a violent street gang and drug distribution has recently evaded law enforcement, prompting a search effort led by U.S. Marshals. Juiquin “Quincy” Pinkard, known for his affiliation with the Buffum Meinecke Boys gang, poses a significant risk to public safety, according to authorities familiar with the case.

Pinkard’s criminal record is marked by charges ranging from assault and battery to drug-related offenses. His most recent encounter with law enforcement dates back to 2020 when he was apprehended for his association with the Buffum Meinecke Boys, a notorious gang operating primarily in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood. Authorities allege that Pinkard played a significant role within the organization, particularly in drug trafficking operations involving substances like cocaine, fentanyl, and crack.

In February 2020, a coordinated effort involving federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrest of numerous individuals linked to the gang, including Pinkard, who faced charges related to cocaine distribution. After serving his sentence, Pinkard was released under supervised release conditions, which he is believed to have violated, prompting a federal warrant for his arrest issued in November 2023.

Despite the warrant and ongoing search efforts, Pinkard remains at large, presumed to be within the Milwaukee area. Authorities emphasize concerns over Pinkard’s access to firearms and his continued involvement in drug dealing activities, urging the public to remain vigilant and report any sightings or information regarding his whereabouts to law enforcement.