2023 NBA Anti-All-Stars: The dregs of the East

2023 NBA Anti-All-Stars: The dregs of the East

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The NBA All-Star Game is an honor bestowed upon the most distinguished hoopers every season. Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re doing here. Their time will come. However, the NBA’s worst rotation players deserve to receive their dead flowers too. Stare into this dark void with me and commemorate the NBA players who’ve been generating negative plays for their respective (or former) squads all season. These are the players fans wish their teams would load manage.

We couldn’t forget about the Eastern Conference and its non-stars. With the All-Star Game taking place in Utah this year, the Eastern Conference gets to host the scrimmage and they chose New York City. But Madison Square Garden is booked for an event customers are actually paying to see and the league has a limited budget to entice fans to show up for this, so the event has been moved to a Queens YMCA. It only has enough space for a full-court run on one of its side courts, but let’s dive into the Eastern Conference lineup.

Let’s start with the frontcourt.

*Stats through Feb. 14

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