Brandon Miller doesn’t think LeBron or MJ is the GOAT

Brandon Miller doesn't think LeBron or MJ is the GOAT


Brandon Miller has thoughts on LeBron vs. MJ.
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For anyone who struggles to come to grips with getting older, this won’t help ease that anxiety. Brandon Miller, a projected top 3 pick in Thursday’s NBA draft, dropped what might be a shocking revelation to some. During a pre-draft presser on Wednesday, Miller was asked everyone’s favorite basketball question about who’s the G.O.A.T.? Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Miller, who will turn 21 in November, went a different route altogether, telling the reporter his goat is Paul George.

Yes, you heard him correctly. Brandon Miller’s G.O.A.T. is PG-13. This undoubtedly sounds strange, but the kid is 20 years old. Despite having grown up watching LeBron James also, Miller went out on a limb proclaiming George as the GOAT, in his opinion. That’s a lonely limb.

Goats and favorite players are different animals

Indeed, PG sounds like Miller’s favorite player, and that’s fine. But it’s alright to distinguish between favorite and greatest. Reggie Miller and Gary Payton were my favorite players growing up, but I would never outright call either the GOAT of the NBA. But hey, to each his own.

One of Miller’s main NBA comparisons has been to George. They have very similar frames and games. Miller probably patterned his game after PG growing up, and George is the best in his mind. Because Miller is so young, he’ll likely get a pass from most, considering he was born in 2002. He’s entitled to choose his own GOAT even if the general basketball world disagrees.

Depending on where Miller lands, he could have a PG-type career, if not better. It’s all about fit, especially upon entering the association. Miller will likely land in Charlotte (who seem to be the favorite to draft Miller) or Portland to begin his NBA journey. Unless the Blazers trade out of the No. 3 spot, that’s what’s on the table for Miller.


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