Charles Barkley airs his dirty laundry during March Madness telecast

Charles Barkley airs his dirty laundry during March Madness telecast

No one wants their dirty laundry aired on national television, especially not on the Turner network of channels during March Madness. But Charles Barkley did just that — only he was the one doing the rinsing, scrubbing, and air drying. The Chuckster revealed that he used to clean his own NBA uniforms by showering in them after games.

Yeah, I don’t believe it either, and neither did Kenny Smith, Greg Gumbel, or Clark Kellogg for that matter.

The Jet’s reaction is the best part. Here’s him listening intently right before Chuck says some shit.

And here’s two seconds later after he does a double take.

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And the Emmy goes to…

Oh my god, give Kenny and Charles the Emmy right now. I don’t care if this isn’t an NBA on TNT broadcast. They are the best comedy act out right now. Smith plays the straight man, and Barkley tells you about an era that only existed for him.

You need a washboard and some serious elbow grease to hand clean any article of clothing let alone a uniform. And I hate to break it to Chuck, but his shorts likely still emitted an odor strong enough to clear the paint.

There are so many golden opportunities for a patented TNT crew photoshop off of this. Charles scrubbing his uniform on a washboard (or on washboard abs that definitely weren’t his). Barkley in the shower looking like Tobias Fünke the never nude. A Kenny reaction GIF that’s universal for every instance Chuck says some wild shit.

The only person who probably thinks what Barkley did was sanitary is Dan Orlovsky, who also aired his own dirty laundry this week. I don’t know which is more groaty — taking 30 showers before washing your towel, or laundering your sweaty shorts and tops by showering in them. Both are antithetical to the point of showers and hygiene writ large.

But that’s a debate for the 17th iteration of the Great Debates tournament, Deadspin’s novelty bracket that’s live right now on

Alright just reviewing my blog checklist to make sure I got everything — relevant content, check, a couple of forgettable one-liners, check, shameless plug of other stories on the site, check, and double checked. Yup, I hit it all. Enjoy your weekend. 

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