Conor McGregor won’t be charged after alleged sexual assault during NBA Finals [Updated]

Conor McGregor won't be charged after alleged sexual assault during NBA Finals [Updated]

Update, Oct. 18: Conor McGregor won’t be charged in relation to sexual assault allegations in Miami, according to authorities.

“The State Attorney’s Office will not go forward with any charges and the case will be closed,” the Miami Police Department said in a statement provided to ESPN.

TMZ reported that, per a memo the gossip outlet obtained, “[P]rosecutors said there was ‘insufficient evidence’ as well as “contradicting and/or no corroborating witnesses” to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that McGregor sexually assaulted a woman during a bathroom meetup at the Nuggets vs. Heat game in Miami on June 9.”

“After a thorough investigation, including a review of videos and interviews with eyewitnesses, the authorities have concluded that there is no case to pursue against my client, Conor McGregor,” the UFC fighter’s attorney Barbara Llanes said. “On behalf of my client, his family, and his fans we are pleased this is now over.”

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Miami on the night of June 9. According to TMZ Sports, McGregor’s accuser filed a police report and issued a letter through her attorney outlining the harm inflicted upon her by the mixed martial artist, who denies the allegations.

McGregor’s accuser reportedly met the UFC champ turned whiskey salesman at the Kaseya Center and was leaving the arena when McGregor’s security allegedly pulled her aside to inform her that McGregor was interested in seeing her. In the demand letter filed by her attorney Ariel Mitchell, McGregor’s accuser claims Heat security helped separate the woman from her friend and forced her into the restroom where McGregor and his security guard were already waiting. McGregor then emerged from inside a handicapped stall “and shoved his tongue in the victim’s mouth and aggressively kissed her,” the letter states.

The complaint also states that McGregor attempted to coerce her into performing oral sex, in addition to forcibly kissing, trying to sodomize her, and that security refused to let [the woman] exit.”

The letter also goes on to claim that McGregor “pulled out his penis and shoved it down the throat of the victim,” “spat on her and on himself in a desperate attempt to get his flaccid penis hard,” and “Mr. McGregor’s penis was too limp for complete penetration, and the victim continuously elbowed Mr. McGregor and finally escaped.”

Update: TMZ obtained footage that allegedly shows the MMA fighter leading the woman to the bathroom.

“In the video, you can see McGregor — wearing a black tee — leaving a restroom area to speak with a woman in a white shirt. After appearing to exchange words with the woman, Conor grabs her by her hand and makes a path for her to go with him inside of a bathroom,” the outlet wrote. “A few seconds later — the restroom door shuts, without anyone else appearing to go inside. The footage then ends.”

McGregor’s attorney Barbara R. Llanes told TMZ: “After the video was released by TMZ, the claimant’s lawyer now has changed her story. Mr. McGregor welcomes the investigation, which he firmly believes will show the claims against him are false. After not responding to the demand for money made by claimant’s counsel, she turned to the media to apply pressure. This is no more than a shakedown.”

This is at least the fourth sexual assault allegation against McGregor

McGregor is no stranger to sexual misconduct allegations. This is at least the fourth sexual assault accusation levied against McGregor in recent years. He was accused of assaulting a woman in December 2018 by a woman in Dublin, allegedly assaulted another woman outside a Dublin bar in 2019, and was accused of exposing himself to a woman inside a bar on the French island of Corsica.

The most recent incident occurred the same night that McGregor sent the Heat mascot, Burnie, to the hospital in a halftime stunt gone wrong. McGregor, who has three children with his fiancée Dee Devlin and has a fourth on the way, denied the allegations through his reps. In a statement released on Thursday morning, they called the allegations false and added that “Mr. McGregor will not be intimidated.”

According to Mitchell’s letter, the woman also met with cops and is seeking civil settlements with the NBA, the Heat, and McGregor, in lieu of litigation.

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