Dan Orlovsky is drunk on Jets Kool-Aid

Dan Orlovsky is drunk on Jets Kool-Aid

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky has become one of Stephen A. Smith’s regular adversaries on First Take over the past few years. He’s become well known for some of his hot takes on the show, but Orlovsky is best known for running out of the back of his own end zone while playing for the Detroit Lions. Aside from some of his takes on the show, Orlovsky still hears about that to this day. However, his latest comment on the New York Jets may become one of his more infamous takes. On Monday morning, Orlovsky felt good and decided to go out on a limb and crown the Jets as a team everyone is looking to beat.

“This is by far the most hunted team in the NFL,” he said.

“Most hunted” team in the NFL. A team that didn’t even make the playoffs last season. Yes, they added Aaron Rodgers and an assortment of other talent at his behest. The defense was one of the best in the league last year, we know all of this. But most hunted and biggest targets on their back are a bit much. On paper, the Jets should be better. Although that whole on paper thing doesn’t always work out.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the defending champions and still intact, so there’s no way the Jets can sit atop that list. No one knows which Rodgers will show up in Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills. It could be the MVP A-Rod from a couple of years ago or the diminished version we saw last year in Green Bay.

Either way, the Jets don’t have the biggest target entering the 2023 campaign. Don’t believe the hype. In a deep division like the AFC East, the Jets could easily end up in third place. Orlovsky might still be traumatized from all those butt-whoopings he witnessed Rodgers put on the Lions when he played for Detroit. Orlovsky’s placing too much on the mystique of Rodgers. A mystique we witnessed vanish into thin air last season.

Too many people, especially the national sports media, are placing these high expectations on the Jets and expect them to meet them. Don’t be surprised if the Jets win eight games this season. In a division with Buffalo and Miami, success isn’t guaranteed. And New England may not be on their level, but you know Bill Belichick’s defense is going to keep them in games.

Nevertheless, the Jets aren’t the most hunted team in the NFL. They could end up being that team as the season progresses, but right now, they are not. It’s doubtful teams in the AFC are placing the same concern around the Jets as the Chiefs, Bills, and Bengals. Maybe the Jets are on the next tier, but they aren’t on that same level. But hey, Orlovsky is on ESPN for 17 hours (not really) a day. He’s got to say something to stir the pot and keep folks engaged. 

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