Deion Sanders has lofty football goals — and a potential foot amputation on the horizon

Deion Sanders has lofty football goals — and a potential foot amputation on the horizon


Despite the limited amount of time it’s been since Deion Sanders became a college football head coach, it feels a lot longer — and weeks like this last one are why. “Coach Prime” has been in the news not once, but twice. The former is trivial, the latter is not.

 A week after Sanders made headlines for escalating his “feud” with Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi — about the abnormal and historic way he’s revamped his roster through the transfer portal, as fifty-plus players from Colorado entered the portal since Sanders was named head coach, while 42 new players have been added — he’s setting unobtainable goals for his football team.

 In an interview with FOX Sports Joel Klatt, Sanders revealed what he thinks the expectations are for this year, despite the Buffaloes coming off a 1-11 season in which they lost by an average of 29 points per game.

 “I don’t think like that,” Sanders told Klatt when asked if he viewed 4-5 wins as an improvement. “I don’t want a sip. I want it all. And I want it now. And I feel like we’re assembling the type of young men and the staff to have it all.”

 Four to five wins would be a miracle for Colorado, seeing as though they’ve gone 24-42 (.363 winning percentage) since 2016 with one double-digit win season since 2001, according to FOX Sports. The Buffaloes’ schedule includes matchups with Nebraska and new head coach Matt Rhule, a rivalry against Colorado State, a trip to Oregon, battling with Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and USC, UCLA, and conference champions Utah, just to name a few. Their season opener is against TCU, who played in last season’s College Football National Championship Game.

 The hype train is so wild that FOX Sports is comparing the Colorado/TCU game’s impact to Michigan/Ohio State, which is arguably the biggest rivalry in all of sports.

 “I want that, I embrace that, I envision that, I expect that,” Sanders said about the state his team will be in Week 1. “Why wouldn’t I want that for our kids? They want to be seen, they want to be heard, they want the lights, they want the ‘ooohs’ and the ‘ahhhs.’

 “We don’t want no one in this locker room that ain’t like-minded,” Sanders added. “My players have to want that moment. They have to be ready to seize that moment and that opportunity.”

 The Colorado Buffaloes are either about to pull off one of the great upsets in college football history or get obliterated by a team that’s been disrespected since their lopsided loss to Georgia.

Sanders’ health has become a concern

However, the Buffaloes will have to face a different opponent during the offseason, as the state of their coach’s health has become a real concern. After already having several foot surgeries and two toes amputated, Sanders could possibly have his entire left foot amputated.

Doctors said that the circulation in Sanders’s ankle is just 66 percent of the blood pressure compared to the rest of his body, in a video posted by Thee Pregame Show.

 “You just have to understand what the risks are,” says Dr. Donald Jacobs. “Things can cascade.”

 “Well, I know what risks are. I only have eight toes. So, I’m pretty sure I understand,” Sanders replies.

 “He could lose the foot,” Jacobs adds. “It’s a risk.

Coach Prime Fighting Through The Pain – Exclusive Meeting With His Medical Team

 A forgotten football program that’s returned to the national conversation because of one man has found itself in a situation that demonstrates just how little games can mean in the grand scheme of things. The focus at Colorado can still be on improving their team, but the emphasis should be on making sure Deion Sanders is healthy.


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