Draymond Green drops big facts on Steph Curry vs. Chris Paul debate

Draymond Green drops big facts on Steph Curry vs. Chris Paul debate

Draymond Green is the NBA’s antagonist. He’s always involved in some altercation on the court or spouting off in the media and, more recently, on his own podcast. You can always count on Green speaking his mind and rarely biting his tongue. The latest example came on “The Draymond Green Show” podcast when Green dissected what he interpreted as Stephen Curry talking trash aimed at Chris Paul.

“The last time you were better than me was 2014,” is what Green interpreted by reading Curry’s lips in this exchange.

Maybe it’s debatable if this is precisely what the Splash Bro suggested, but Green presents a valid argument. The last time Paul was definitively viewed as a better player than Curry may have been in 2014. Curry captured the first of back-to-back MVP awards during the 2014-15 campaign. That was also the year Golden State won its first of four titles (this millennium) in eight years.

When looking at CP3 and Steph, it’s not even that close. Not as close as CP3 stans would want you to believe. Taking specific positions and titles out of the equation, Curry is hands down the better basketball player than Paul. Sure, there are categories where Paul might be ranked higher, like assists, but as an overall hooper, it’s the artist formerly known as the baby-faced assassin.

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If those words came out of Curry’s mouth, he isn’t wrong. Four NBA championships, two league MVPs, NBA Finals MVP, and two scoring titles. To Paul’s credit, he’s led the Association in assists five times and steals six. Surprisingly Curry did lead the NBA in steals once back in 2016. Some people like to discredit the Warriors’ back-to-back championships with Kevin Durant, so even without those rings, Curry still has Paul beat 2-0.

You’ll have those who want to bring up the point guard debate and get technical, and that’s fine. If you want to say CP3 is the better pure PG of the two, you’ve got an argument. But if we’re being honest, there aren’t a ton of legit, pure point guards in the NBA, and there haven’t been for quite a while. Most of these guys played off the ball in college/high school and are only converted to point guards in the NBA because of their size. Most can handle the ball like a point guard but don’t necessarily play that Paul/Jason Kidd style of a true one.

Either way, Green made a great observation, whether he was doing it to start some mess or legitimately believed what he said. This battle of Paul vs. Curry hasn’t been much of a contest in years. Curry surpassed Paul and hasn’t looked back. As Green says, 2014 was nearly a decade ago. From then until now, Curry’s been the better player each season they’ve played. That’s not a biased or emotional opinion; it’s a fact. 

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