Drop your nets, Michele Tafoya wants to make you fishers of men

Drop your nets, Michele Tafoya wants to make you fishers of men

So Michele Tafoya is still talking.
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She has had enough. Michele Tafoya has taken a look at the current state of society and a new message is necessary. She sees people afraid to give opinions in public, afraid to repost whatever she thinks is necessary to be expressed on social media, and much like Frank Constanza when he rained blows upon the man in the toy store, she has decided there has to be a better way.

It’s what caused her to leave a role on the No. 1 show on American television, Sunday Night Football. Tafoya has a message, and she wants people to join her and go forth and spread the word. The crux of her message: She wants people to talk.

That’s her cause, her fight, her gospel. Of all of the pain, anguish, poverty, and death on this planet “the most terrifying thing in the world to me right now,” and “what keeps me up at night more than anything else,” is that fact that there are people she knows who hold what she believes are moderate conservative opinions, but won’t share them publicly for fear of consequence. Obviously not for fear of gulag, gas chamber, nor guillotine — this is America, it’s your constitutional right to speak without governmental interference — but for fear they might lose friends, or maybe even a job, because they retweeted something she posted that might be deemed offensive.

But have no fear, Michele Tafoya will take those stones and wear that crown of thorns for you. She is going to show you the way to true freedom. If you believe that we need to cool it on the systemic racism talk, let it out. Don’t make her son feel bad for his whiteness. He should be taught that color doesn’t matter, even though there are some preschool-aged Black children who don’t quite have that luxury given the alarming disparity at which they are suspended.

Tafoya felt some of those thorns for real last week, and did not care for them. She was a guest on the Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz. The day before it aired, she appeared on an episode of Fox News’ Gutfeld! and discussed an experience she had on a podcast. Awful Announcing connected the dots and realized it was the interview with Le Batard and his producers.

It began pleasantly enough, but when Tafoya described herself as a “pro-choice libertarian,” and “a fiscal conservative, who really wants America to come together,” doesn’t want people to “be told that they’re oppressed or an oppressor,” and “wants to see some law and order so people don’t get hurt.” Le Batard stopped her right there. Then the self-appointed savior of free speech, who said she doesn’t care if she gets attacked, got strongly challenged and did not like it one bit.

She said on Gutfield! that she felt ambushed. Tafoya told Will Cain months ago that being offended is a choice that people make, and if that’s the case she certainly chose not to appreciate her time with Le Batard, who, much like Cain, mentioned that she seems to have strong feelings about race. Le Batard was a bit more poetic, saying that the way that she talks about race sometimes makes it feel to him as if “the cry for equality feels like a threat.” She denied having any strong feelings about race or Critical Race Theory, even though she said on The View last year that CRT is getting sneaked into K-12 education even if it’s not the law-school level lesson plan. Producer Mike Ryan jumped in as Le Batard was clearly, quickly uncomfortable with the direction the interview was headed. Ryan had a contentious back-and-forth with Tafoya for 11 minutes and one of the other producers, Roy Bellamy, jumped in as well.

Her views on race come off as simplistic and pollyannaish, but she wants to be able to say it, and everyone else just take it, or politely raise their hands if they disagree. She wants to speak out against affinity groups at schools in the Twin Cities because they promote division, even though they’re probably just some relief because the weight that it is to not be white and be in a white world 24/7 is a load that children can’t articulate, but they most certainly feel it.

But dammit, Tafoya is an American and this is her way of life. It’s what’s motivating her to talk with Le Batard, Bill Maher, all the Fox News programs, and start her own podcast literally titled: Sideline Sanity. This is all her ministry to tell people not to worry about how others may feel or take offense to what they say. That’s the offended’s problem to deal with.

It’s the message that will deliver America in 2022. Fear not an AR15 decimating your children at school, or that your municipality won’t allow you and your family to camp within 500 feet of that school once you can no longer afford your rent.

Michele Tafoya has discovered the true demon that must be fought with the whole armor of God. The fear that expressing your opinions may result in a professional, personal, but not legal consequence. Fight it every chance you get by retweeting her disaffinity for affinity groups.

Can she get an Amen? Or at least could you not choose not to be offended by her, and do her the common courtesy of not making her feel uncomfortable while you feel uncomfortable. 

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