John Stockton flexes what little credibility he has left to support a Jan. 6 rioter

John Stockton flexes what little credibility he has left to support a Jan. 6 rioter


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John Stockton is the reason why people delete their Facebook accounts. Every white person’s most obnoxious uncle by marriage is at it again, firing off right-wing disinformation at all hours of the night. This time he made use of his Microsoft Office subscription and typed up a nice Word doc, intended to serve as a character recommendation for sentencing purposes, for a woman who stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

January 6 is basically bizarro Woodstock in terms of the “I was there” factor. Instead of embellished claims of attendance, nobody went, and if they did, it was by accident. I don’t know how Stockton’s chiropractor’s wife mistakenly ended up inside the Capitol on the same day that the results of a presidential election were set to be verified, but that’s what Janet Buhler attested to in her guilty plea.

She said she entered the building after her son-in-law said he “wanted to take a picture,” and she “didn’t want him to do anything he shouldn’t do” because he “can be a little hot-headed.” Ya think? Also, entering the Capitol in and of itself qualifies something you shouldn’t do, so Stockton saying he “frankly can not imagine that Janet could knowingly break the law” is every bit as misleading as politicians downplaying the severity of an attempted insurrection.

Of course Buhler, who’s “intelligent and good company,” would never “raise her voice” or “confront anyone.” Well, John, have I got news for you because the church mouse acknowledged that yes, she “did cheer and applaud” rioters breaking into the Capitol.

Nothing says racial double standard like pleading ignorance and getting your punishment reduced from prison time to probation. Buhler lost her shit like everyone else in that fucking mob, and getting caught up in that mentality doesn’t excuse criminal behavior.

Everyone wants to prosecute to the fullest extent until it’s a member of their extended family facing a jail cell. Stockton may not be related to Buhler, but this type of rationalizing is exactly how people justify supporting perpetrators of sexual assault and racists. A person not coming off as a raving psychopath during a dinner party doesn’t mean they’re not online retweeting conspiracy theories or at school board meetings berating teachers about Critical Race Theory.

I’m not saying Buhler is any of those things; I’m saying the same person who teaches piano and is “an ARTIST, and a caring one at that” also appears to be a delusional MAGA lady who seemed so compelled by Donald Trump, a xenophobic lunatic sociopath, that she traveled to Washington to march on the Capitol with a mob whose stated goal was the disruption of a peaceful transition of power.

Saying she just wanted the powers that be to take a “second look” at the election like it was an unofficial applause-o-meter for a dance-off during halftime of a Jazz game is an absolute joke. And Stockton co-signing to one’s upstanding citizenship should raise giant red flags.

The guy who appeared on an anti-vax informercial and falsely claimed to have seen athletes drop dead on the playing field due to vaccines — among other highly suspect chicanery that’s landed him a recurring spot on the Idiots of the Month list — shouldn’t sway a judge to lessen one’s sentence. I don’t care how many career assists he has.

If anything, a crazy person throwing around his considerable idiocy in an attempt to promote a person’s exemplary character should have the opposite effect.

Who’s the next endorsement letter from? O.J. Simpson? Jeffrey Dahmer? Satan? Get the fuck outta here with that shit, Janet.

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