Losing Randy Gregory to the Broncos was a blessing in disguise for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

Losing Randy Gregory to the Broncos was a blessing in disguise for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys caught a lot of criticism for fumbling defensive end Randy Gregory’s contract extension during the 2022 offseason. Allegedly, there was a deal in place, then suddenly, it was announced that Gregory had signed with the Denver Broncos. A year and a half removed from that ordeal, it looks more like a blessing in disguise for Jerry Jones’ organization. Gregory has yet to come close to living up to the hefty contract Denver signed him to last year.

“Randy Gregory will have made $28M between last year and this year. He has 3 sacks in those seasons. That is $9.3M per sack…..”

Jones and the ‘Boys caught a break, although the news was devastating at the time. His stats are almost nonexistent this season. Gregory has one sack, four solo tackles, and two tackles for loss in four games. Fans and media in the mile-high city are beginning to think they were duped.

“Randy Gregory earned nearly $1 million for today’s game. He didn’t record a single stat. Not one. #Broncos

Gregory is aware of what’s being said and realized coming into the season that he needs to fulfill his end of the bargain. In year one with the Broncos, Gregory’s season was cut short due to injury, so he played in just six games. He recorded two sacks, two forced fumbles, and seven solo tackles in those games.

“I think my thing is fulfilling my end of the agreement,” Gregory said before the start of the season. “And a big part of that is being able to be available and be healthy… I truly feel like if I’m out there for 17 games-plus, I’ll do what I need to do. And that’s the plan.”

Denver’s defense has shockingly been the unit to let them down the most this season. Last year, they were good, but the offense couldn’t keep up. Now, the offense is somewhat improved, and the defense is struggling. The team did get their first win last week against the Bears, but even that game was much too close.

Dallas’ defense is flying sky-high going back to last year without Gregory, and they haven’t looked back. While they would’ve kept him if they could, his production as a Bronco should make the Cowboys happy with how things turned out. It seems Gregory has gotten past the substance abuse issues that plagued him in Big D. Now he’s got to find that road to redemption on the field to secure another bag in a couple of years.

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