March Badness: Scandals defined the year in college hoops

March Badness: Scandals defined the year in college hoops

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You can get a whole Shonda Rhimes special out of head coach Greg Heiar’s first year in charge of New Mexico State’s basketball program. It would also be short-lived. Before the season began, assistant coach Edmond Pryor was arrested and charged with forgery (Pryor has claimed he’s innocent of the charges). Three months after the aforementioned shooting at UNM, New Mexico State was embroiled in another scandal that cost Heiar his job.

According to a police report, on Feb. 6 three unnamed players held another teammate down, “removed his clothing exposing his buttocks, began to slap his (buttocks),” and described how they also touched his scrotum. The incident prompted the player to come forward, but also was merely one of many sexual assaults involving physical and sexual touching that he had been subjected to in locker rooms and road trips since the school year began.

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