Patriots CB Jack Jones’ attorney was a broken record on Tuesday

Patriots CB Jack Jones’ attorney was a broken record on Tuesday


Jack Jones’ attorney has had enough of the several non-influential social media accounts bashing her client. On the steps of the East Boston District Court House, Rosemary Scapicchio tore into those who disparaged her client by calling him a thug, following the news that Jones had been arrested at Logan International Airport. With her vehement defense of the New England Patriots’ second-year cornerback in the court of public opinion, Jones had better hope that she catches her second wind before his next appearance in a court of law.

He was arrested on Friday when allegedly TSA discovered two firearms in his carry-on bag. Jones was held on $30,000 bail and faces several weapons charges. Those charges are possession of a concealed weapon in a secure area of an airport, ammunition without a firearm identification card, a large capacity feeding device, carrying a loaded firearm, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Jones posted bail on Tuesday and was arraigned on those charges. He pleaded not guilty and claims that he did not know the bag that he brought to the airport contained loaded firearms. On those courthouse steps afterward, Scapicchio expressed a level of true disgust at those six Twitter accounts for calling him a word that is extremely racially charged.

“It’s the social media and the media who have turned him into a thug, who have labeled him a thug with no evidence whatsoever,” Scapicchio said to the media. “This is not a situation where Mr. Jones ever wanted to be a thug or thought of as a thug. But because he’s a young Black man, all of a sudden he’s a thug.”

Trick Daddy didn’t use the word thug that much in his 2001 single, “I’m a Thug.” He also had the courtesy of softening the word in the chorus by having children sing a line before he drops the refrain “I’m a Thug.”

If she wanted to honestly use the phrase “no evidence” when talking to the media, I guess this was her strategy to fit into her remarks. But goodness, she used the word thug a lot. The news channel should have had a counter over her shoulder tallying every time she used the word, like that episode of South Park when Comedy Central didn’t bleep the word “shit.”

Fox News may not like Scapicchio implying that Jones has been wronged in any way because of his race, but they still might invite her on just to say thug over, and over again. Gutfield couldn’t fit the word in an entire show as many times as she did if he tried. It might even be too many times for Tucker Carlson in his newfound independence (or unemployment depending on your regard for him.)

Far be it from me to criticize attorneys for the methods they use in defense of their clients, but this from Scapicchio was intense. If I want to hear a white woman say “thug” repeatedly, I would attend an Evangelical Church service on Sunday.

I’m going to assume that in court Scapicchio will have a much better defense for Jones than shaming six Twitter accounts calling him a thug. If she doesn’t, the only way that Jones will play any defense in the coming years will be if plays for the Mean Machine.


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