Proceed with caution when heckling Cam Newton

Proceed with caution when heckling Cam Newton


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In the age of social media and everyone from the age of eight up seemingly having a camera in hand all the time, athletes/celebrities are under intense scrutiny nearly 24/7. Some never break stride by turning the other cheek and walking away. Then there are those who don’t care at all and choose to confront and embarrass hecklers as they see fit. Former NFL MVP Cam Newton is one of those dudes. You better come correctly, or not at all.

Fan: “How many rings you got? none. We got the same amount. “

Cam: “None, but we don’t get the same bank account!”

Sometimes fans deserve to be heckled back, especially those that go too far. What this fan is on camera saying is mild compared to other things we hear from those in the stands. Surely, Newton walking over, and actually acknowledging this guy’s existence is a moment he’ll remember forever. Some might question Cam’s gesture toward this fan, but once you start the back-and-forth, don’t shy away from the rebuttal.

Immediately going to his bankroll probably wasn’t the best comeback by Newton because, of course, his bank account features more commas than this fans. But again, if you want to stomp with the big dogs, you’ve got to be ready to rumble. As for the gesture, again, probably not necessary, but once you pick a fight with someone, you don’t get to choose how they respond. If you talk about it, some people are more than willing to make you walk it.


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