Running an NBA franchise and Michael Jordan’s other failures

Running an NBA franchise and Michael Jordan's other failures

MJ is the NBA’s goat as a player. As an owner? Not so much…
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When you’re so incredibly talented at something, it tends to give you a false sense of confidence in other areas of your life. Perhaps no one in a star’s inner circle wants to be cast out so they evolve into yes-men, or a player’s competitive drive makes them believe anything is possible. I’m not a sports psychologist (I just play one on the internet), so I’m uncertain as to why it keeps happening.

A lot of athletes think that being able to buy nice clothes makes them fashionistas when in reality Russell Westbrook is just wearing hand-me-down jeans. Guys create content companies and then make a bunch of vanity projects that the public is supposed to laud objectivity and originality be damned.

But if you’re really successful, like, say, Michael Jordan, you actually do believe you can fly. And that’s given us some great unintentional comedy. From baseball to running the Bobcats/Hornets, his choice of jeans and facial hair, his Airness doesn’t have Childish Gambino-level diversity, and that’s OK. Knowing your limits is key to the path to happiness, so let’s try to help MJ instead of hurt, and point out a few things that he should never do again.

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