Should you plunge a spiked shoe into your downed opponent’s neck?

Should you plunge a spiked shoe into your downed opponent's neck?

Brevin Randle failed this quiz — can you beat his score?
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Hey, you! Yeah, you! Time for a pop quiz! There’s only one question, but it’s a bit tricky, so take your time and make sure you’ve really thought it through before continuing on.

Ready? Alright, here goes: Imagine you are a football player. Should you intentionally plunge a spiked shoe into the neck of your downed opponent?

(Again, take your time, and feel free to reference any notes or other study materials you may have handy. When you’re ready to proceed, keep reading.)

All set? Great! And now, the moment of truth: If you answered “No,” congratulations! That’s absolutely correct — you should never stomp on an opposing player’s neck as he lies prone on the turf. Excellent work.

If you answered “Yes,” you unfortunately might be Louisiana Tech’s Brevin Randle, who yesterday was faced with precisely that dilemma, and flubbed it so hard that he will likely never play college football again.

Should you, like Randle, find yourself struggling with this question in the future, don’t worry! Here’s a convenient mnemonic to help you out: DC FONT. That stands for:

  • Don’t
  • Commit
  • Felonies
  • On
  • National
  • Television

Simple! That’s all there is to it. Next time you’re thinking about ending an athletic rival’s life on live TV, just take a breath and remember: DC FONT.

Even if it feels like a good idea in the moment, it is almost certainly not.

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