The best Heisman bets outside of the obvious

The best Heisman bets outside of the obvious

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The Ohio State running back makes a ton of sense given the Buckeyes semi-clunky offense, and Big Ten schedule. You can find odds as good as +10000, and if Kevin Malone taught Office fans anything, it’s if anyone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds on anything, you take that bet.

Henderson had the Buckeyes’ longest play from scrimmage against Notre Dame, and during that run, one of the defenders he shrugged off ended up rolling into the back of Marvin Harrison Jr.’s leg, and seeing as the Buckeye receiver is Henderson’s biggest competition from a skill player standpoint, it could be fortuitous.

That said, he’ll need to pick up the production and get into the end zone before the Buckeyes get inside the 10, because Deamonte Trayanum has seen a lot of short-yardage action, including the game-winning score against the Irish. I just feel like a lot of quarterbacks not named Caleb Williams have flaws in their games, and it’s not a bad year to look outside of signal callers.

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