The Great Debates tournament: Final Four

The Great Debates: Ranking the best arguments of all time

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The Final Four is here, with a bunch of heavy hitters and a No. 8 seed that, technically, is a heavy hitter as well. Jordan-LeBron, cats-dogs, Biggie-2Pac, and The Rock-Stone Cold are the last debates left standing, and we’re going to lose at least one more 1 seed, and possibly two if The People’s Champ and Steve Austin KO Notorious and 2Pac like every other opponent they’ve faced.

However, the juiciest matchup of the Final Four is a test of people’s love for animals versus their love for Michael Jordan or LeBron James. I’m not going to say this might as well be a de facto title game because every argument still alive smashed their Elite 8 foes, but let’s just say the winner will be the betting favorite in the title game by a long shot.

While we’ve seen close matchups throughout this tournament, none of them featured the Final Four participants. Not even when The Rock and Stone Cold took out The Meaning of Life in the round of 32. These are the best “teams,” and this should (hopefully) be a competitive Final Four.

Thanks to everyone who’s weighed in. Ideally, we can do a novelty bracket again next March, but who knows with Elon’s new tweeter registration act. All polls can be found on Twitter, so make sure to follow @Deadspin and, as always, vote! To see the full field and the results from previous rounds, check them out here — 64, 32, Sweet 16, and Elite 8.

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