The NBA’s 10 best GMs of the last decade

The NBA's 10 best GMs of the last decade

Steph Curry hugs general manager Bob Myers after a Golden State Warriors playoff win
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As the NBA expands under the epoch of spacing and volume three-point shooting, general managers across the league scramble to draft, sign, and trade as many three-point shooters who can also play switchable defense and handle the rock. But something funny has happened along the way. While the 2000s saw a top-heavy hierarchy of front-office competence, it’s hard to find a fleecable front-office in today’s NBA landscape.

Past punching bags like Sacramento, New York, New Orleans, Detroit, and Orlando are suddenly competent with proven track records of functional salary caps and drafting. Only Minnesota remains roast-worthy, thanks to the 2022 Rudy Gobert trade. With this increased parity, it’s an apt time to review the top decision-makers of the last decade and chart the evolution of front-office thinking in today’s game. Let’s break down the top 10 for posterity’s sake.

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