The remaining four NFL playoff teams — ranked

The remaining four NFL playoff teams — ranked

Joe Burrow and the Bengals appear to be the class of the AFC.
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We’re down to four and they were arguably the NFL’s four best teams all season long — the Bengals, 49ers, Eagles, and Chiefs. For all the offseason shuffling of quarterbacks and coaches, three of the four teams from last year’s conference championship weekend, with the lone exception being the team that won last season’s Super Bowl. In the four divisional matchups, only one team won on the road and two won by a touchdown.

Now it’s time to rank the four remaining teams from worst to best on their chances of this season’s Lombardi Trophy, with some obvious shuffling based on how the victors looked this weekend. And the main difference between last week’s list and this one has to do with one thing: a Jaguars defensive end not knowing how to properly tackle.

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