This July 4th, let’s celebrate athletes who changed the game

This July 4th, let's celebrate athletes who changed the game

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Simone Biles isn’t on this list because of her unprecedented reign over gymnastics or in her establishing herself as the GOAT. Biles’ peers aren’t just unable to match her execution, they don’t even have the skills to attempt her most daring moves.

Most famously, Biles perfected the Yurachenko double pike, an aerodynamic maneuver that is named after a Russian gymnast who pioneered the roundoff-back-handspring approach. However, no one had ever attempted adding a double flip in a pike position (body folded over straight legs) that Biles pulled off throughout 2021. The Yurachenko double pike will probably be incorporated into the routine of future endeavoring gymnasts, but in the meantime, the international federation has actively avoided giving her higher scores for the double pike in an attempt to prevent others from trying it and to keep her from trouncing the competition.

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