Washington Commanders ruin Sean Taylor tribute

Washington Commanders ruin Sean Taylor tribute

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Nothing but the worst should be expected from the Washington Commanders with whatever they do. Daniel Snyder’s organization has proven this true for quite a while now. Sunday morning, at FedEx Field, they just emphasized that sentiment when they unveiled a “tribute” to former safety Sean Taylor.

The life-size (wire) figurine was supposed to be an offering to honor Taylor on the 15th anniversary of his death in 2007. This whole ceremony looks like something thrown together at the last minute. That’s evident in the organization that put up the uniformed mannequin representing Taylor. A Nike jersey, although Reebok was the sponsor during Taylor’s time with the team. The team has access to his photos or just google Taylor’s images. It’s that easy. Then the mannequin is wearing Reebok pants and Adidas cleats. Let’s get some coordination here.

Many fans expected some type of statue. That’s the first issue most Washington faithful had with the memorial. The dramatic reveal got a standing ovation until the crowd in attendance realized what they’d just taken part in. Washington and the Snyders ruined this memorial for Taylor like they do everything else they’ve touched since 1999.

Washington fumbling this memorial is exactly what fans should’ve expected. But of course, fans always hope for the best when it comes to their teams and especially involving beloved players. The Snyder family couldn’t even give fans that. It’s bad enough the Commanders haven’t been able to advance past the wildcard playoff round since Taylor was playing for the team, and even those playoff appearances have been few and far between.

Snyder needs to sell this team pronto, and the NFL needs to do whatever it can to help move this transaction along as quickly as possible. This was supposed to be easy, and Washington bungled it with their foolishness. You’d think with all the allegations of sexual harassment and toxic culture within the organization (which Snyder has denied) and the team sucking on the field for so long, they’d want to get something like this right. This should’ve been a slam dunk, but instead, it’ll be added to the Washington Commanders blooper reel of Dan Snyder’s tenure as owner. 

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