We don’t want to know where Brock Purdy keeps that horseshoe hidden

We don’t want to know where Brock Purdy keeps that horseshoe hidden

The most annoying thing about Brock Purdy, and there’s more than a few, is the idea that the Niners planned all of this.

If they were that convinced of his impending greatness, they wouldn’t have waited until the last pick of the draft to take him. This wasn’t some okeydoke that they pulled on the rest of the league. This was a rabbit out of the hat. If it is indeed a rabbit.

Every other football fan who isn’t part of the Niner clan watches Purdy throw balls up for grabs that always seem to land in his teammates’ hands. Or how every blitz against is countered by a quick pass to someone that Kyle Shanahan has schemed impossibly open. And when all that doesn’t work, there always seems to be a well-placed flag that moves the chains and the Niners down the field.

Oh, I’m not alone:

The Niners and their followers will tell you that they’ll be the only team that can survive giving up so much for a QB that couldn’t play, Trey Lance, because they had the foresight of Purdy and the coaching of Shanahan. Giving up that many draft picks for an eventual bust should, and almost always has, cripple a team for years, if not a full decade.

But the luck the Niners found is mirrored by the luck Purdy finds on the field. Do I know for sure that he knows what he’s doing? Sure don’t. It feels like any throw that goes over five yards is screaming through the television to be picked off. And yet, it never is. Maybe that’s because George Kittle and Deebo Samuel and crew are just so good they get to every pass first, and then gain another seven yards because the first guy never brings them down. Ever .

What, five throws over 10 yards? And two of them go for touchdowns? He throws for 300 yards while rarely if ever throwing a pass farther than snot travels on a sneeze?

This isn’t planned. This isn’t design. There’s something else at work here, and the only hope anyone else has is that it goes bust at the most hilarious time possible. Which it kind of did last year.

Teams spend years in the wilderness trying to figure out how to get a quarterback and change not just their fortunes, but their perception. The Niners just land on this one, or rather have him land on them. They escaped football jail when the guard simply left their cell open and then fell down a manhole. They’ll tell you it was Escape From Alcatraz. It’s no wonder everyone’s bitching about it. It’s the only response to forces we can’t explain or understand.

Man of the match

Look at this hero:

He only spills a drop when reaching his friends, and he does that while no one in his row is making it any easier on him to get by. And it appears as he’s carrying those 12 beers for only two other buddies, loading up for the rest of the match. This is dedication we can all aspire too.

This is it, right here

And people ask me why I watch wrestling:

Have a good weekend folks.

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