Fujifilm’s X100VI is a big step forward for the TikTok-famous compact camera

Fujifilm's X100VI is a big step forward for the TikTok-famous compact camera

Fujifilm’s X100V has been the coveted camera in recent years, driven in part by the influence of TikTok, and now, the company has unveiled its successor, the X100VI, boasting substantial improvements across various aspects. While retaining its signature retro design, the X100VI introduces notable enhancements such as faster shooting speeds, in-body stabilization, 6.2K 30p video capability, and more.

The X100VI maintains the familiar aesthetic and control layout of its predecessor, appealing to enthusiasts of street photography with its Leica-inspired design cues. Despite its compact form factor, weighing in at a mere 521 grams, the X100VI is discreet and portable, fitting effortlessly into a jacket pocket for on-the-go shooting.

Fujifilm’s decision to equip the X100VI with the same 40.2-megapixel APS-C sensor as the larger X-H2 is a strategic move, offering photographers increased resolution and greater flexibility for cropping. However, this choice may result in a slight reduction in low-light sensitivity. Notably, the X100VI introduces built-in 5-axis stabilization, providing up to 6 stops of shake reduction—a valuable addition for street photographers capturing spontaneous moments.

The camera retains key features such as the 3.69-million dot hybrid optical viewfinder and 1.62-million dot LCD display, with the latter now tilting an extra 15 degrees downward for improved shooting angles. Despite maintaining the same battery life (CIPA rated for 300 shots) and slow UHS-I card slot, the X100VI offers enhanced autofocus capabilities, including the latest tracking and subject detection features.

With its higher resolution and lower native ISO, the X100VI promises improved image quality, complemented by a selection of 20 built-in film simulation modes, including the new Reala Ace, designed to deliver faithful color reproduction and contrast tonality.

Surprisingly, the X100VI demonstrates impressive video capabilities for a compact camera, supporting resolutions up to 6.2K at 30fps, along with 4K at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps. Additionally, it offers 10-bit F-log and F-Log2 recording, enhancing its appeal to videographers despite limitations in data rates due to the slow cards.

Available for pre-order at $1,600 in silver or black, with shipping scheduled for early March 2024, Fujifilm also offers a special edition version priced at $2,000, featuring the corporate brand logo from Fujifilm’s founding in 1934. The company aims to streamline production and reduce lead times by manufacturing the X100VI in China, in line with recent models.