Milwaukee apartment fire; family of 12 displaced

Milwaukee apartment fire; family of 12 displaced

A family comprising 12 individuals finds themselves grappling with adversity following their displacement due to a fire that ravaged an apartment complex in Milwaukee on Saturday night, February 10th.

Expressing the gravity of their predicament, Raeyven Williams, a member of the affected family, likened their situation to standing on the precipice of a cliff, highlighting the uncertainty clouding their housing prospects.

Although the family initially received assistance from the Red Cross until Tuesday, February 13th, they have now resorted to utilizing their own resources to secure accommodation until the upcoming Friday.

Recalling the harrowing events of the fire, Williams recounted the chaotic scene as three fire trucks descended on the complex, with firefighters frantically battling the blaze. Amidst the turmoil, the family observed anxiously, pondering the uncertain future that lay ahead.

Adding to their distress, the family lamented the absence of clear communication from the property management, leaving them in limbo regarding their housing arrangements.

While Moore Properties declined to provide an interview, they assured efforts are underway to facilitate the return of tenants to their units within the next 24 hours.

However, amidst these assurances, doubts linger regarding the safety of reoccupying their residence. Godfrey Bradshaw, another family member, expressed concerns over the pervasive smoke damage, casting doubt on the habitability of the premises.

With apprehension mounting, the family faces the daunting question of what lies beyond Friday morning, with Williams expressing anguish over how to break the news to her children.

Efforts to restore normalcy were observed as restoration crews assessed the apartment complex on Wednesday, February 14th. Additionally, the family has been connected with the state’s Tenant Resource Center, providing a ray of hope amidst their ordeal.