Google Meet brings Companion Mode to mobile devices

Google Meet brings Companion Mode to mobile devices

Google is expanding its Companion Mode feature to iOS and Android devices, making it accessible beyond just the Nest Hub Max and web clients. This feature aims to assist in-person participants during hybrid meetings by providing access to virtual meeting tools.

Companion Mode is particularly useful in large, hybrid meeting setups where enterprise meeting room hardware handles audio and video for the entire room but lacks virtual meeting features for in-person attendees. With Companion Mode on mobile devices, attendees can utilize features like reactions, messages, hand raising, captions, subtitles, and zooming in on content during Google Meet sessions.

To activate Companion Mode, users can select the “Use Companion Mode” button on the pre-join screen, automatically muting their audio and video. Google advises using meeting room hardware to avoid audio feedback from multiple active microphones.

The rollout of Companion Mode to both Google Workspace users and personal Google Account owners has begun, but availability may vary depending on the release schedule of your organization’s platform. Rapid-release domains will see the feature starting February 12, with a full rollout expected within 15 days. Scheduled release domains may not gain access until February 27 at the earliest, with a potential additional wait of up to 15 days.

For iOS devices, users will need Google Meet version 229 or newer or Gmail version 2024.01.28 or newer. Android users will require Google Meet version 225.0 or newer.