49ers TE George Kittle jabs at NFL ‘scriptwriters’ for setting up massive Ravens-Niners matchup

49ers TE George Kittle jabs at NFL ‘scriptwriters’ for setting up massive Ravens-Niners matchup

The NFL’s Christmas Day matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens is set to be a heavyweight showdown, featuring two top-seeded teams with 11-3 records. This rare clash marks only the third time since the 1970 NFL merger that the NFC and AFC teams with the best outright record in their respective conferences will face off in December or later. Notably, both previous occurrences resulted in the NFC team winning the game and eventually clinching the conference title.

The matchup has drawn attention and speculation, with some jokingly questioning if the NFL scriptwriters had a hand in creating such a compelling scenario. George Kittle, the 49ers’ four-time Pro Bowl tight end, playfully acknowledged the intriguing storyline, commenting on the NFL’s knack for crafting dramatic narratives.

The game features two standout quarterbacks, Brock Purdy of the 49ers and Lamar Jackson of the Ravens, who are currently among the top contenders for the MVP award. Purdy, the current betting favorite for MVP, has posted impressive statistics, leading the league in passer rating, passing touchdowns, and passing touchdown percentage. Jackson, a former MVP, continues to showcase his dual-threat abilities with both passing and rushing touchdowns.

Both teams are vying for a first-round bye and home-field advantage in the playoffs if they maintain their top seeding. The Ravens have the opportunity to clinch the AFC North title with a win and a favorable outcome for the Cleveland Browns. The 49ers, who already secured the NFC West, could potentially clinch the No. 1 seed if certain results align in their favor.

The Christmas Day matchup is expected to deliver playoff-caliber football, with both teams playing at a high level in December. The stakes are high, and the game provides a crucial test and preparation for the postseason. As Kittle emphasized, the 1-seed versus 1-seed matchup showcases two teams playing excellent football in a highly anticipated showdown.