5 sure-fire ways James Harden can force a trade

5 sure-fire ways James Harden can force a trade

The drama never ends with James Harden
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The Philadelphia 76ers are entering one of the most important seasons in franchise history, as reigning MVP Joel Embiid desperately wants to contend, and edges ever so closer toward disgruntled. The Sixers have been a soap opera for going on five years (if not longer), and each attempt to build around the All-NBA center results in one calamity after another.

Case and point: James Harden. The Beard has been feuding with his longtime general manager all summer after Daryl Morey refuted his trade request. While the 34-year-old guard may have lost a step on the court, it appears he’s slipping off the floor, as well, because typically when James Harden wants to be traded, James Harden gets himself traded.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the All-Star guard’s latest ploy is to go full Jimmy Butler-Timberwolves practice in hopes of tanking his value, and forcing the 76ers’ hand to act now, or else risk Harden’s value sinking to dollar menu levels.

Apparently, Morey can’t take a hint, or forgot who he’s dealing with, because I’m 100 percent certain Harden will get himself traded, and could not be more excited for the stories to roll out of Philly training camp with the Beard’s pending arrival.

Having said that, here are a few ideas (predictions?) for Harden’s exit strategy.

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