At least one Cavinder twin isn’t done with basketball

At least one Cavinder twin isn't done with basketball

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The college basketball world thought it was done with The Cavinder Twins, the Miami duo who became central figures of the name, image, and likeness era of college athletics thanks to their popular social-media channels more than what they did on the court. Haley and Hanna Cavinder announced back in April they’d retired from basketball, but that hanging up of their gym shoes may not be permanent, as Haley reportedly entered the transfer portal on Friday, per ESPN, who spoke with Jeff Hoffman, the Cavinders’ agent.

And to make matters more complicated, Haley is eyeing 2024-25, not the upcoming season, for her college basketball swan song. Hanna and Haley plan to spend the next year training with the WWE and concentrating on other business efforts. The twins have already made their televised debut with the company under WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. Per ESPN, Haley will consider staying at Miami for her final season of college basketball, as well as be open to other options, which entering the transfer portal gives her the freedom to do. Haley was the more productive Cavinder sister with the Hurricanes, averaging 12.2 points and 4.9 rebounds per game in Coral Gables. Hanna only averaged 3.8 points per game and has ruled out a return to the court.

The interesting part of Haley’s possible return to the hardwood, which I’d hope would be cleared before she possibly intends to play, would be whether WWE counts as a professional league. Competing in the WNBA for example would disqualify a return to an NCAA institution. WWE is sports entertainment with predetermined results, although the action in the ring takes great physical ability. Cavinder would be one of the biggest stars in the sport upon her return, even without her sister in tow. 

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