Behold the Skate Men — NHL Season Preview: Western Conference

Behold the Skate Men — NHL Season Preview: Western Conference

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Lots of buzz about the Kings this year after two first-round exits after emerging from their post-dynasty abyss, and then adding Pierre-Luc Dubois. Except it’s not clear what Dubois actually does. The Jackets sucked with him. The Jets sucked with him. Sure, he’ll get to ride in Anze Kopitar’s wake, but Anze Kopitar might start playing like he’s in his late 30s, and then what? PLD just isn’t that guy, and the Kings are about to be the third team to find that out.

But if Kopitar can still be Kopitar for yet another season, and Phillip Danault can take the dungeon shifts, then it will never set up better for Dubois to actually be, y’know, good.

The goalie situation is still ass, and a midseason trade will be necessary if the Kings are going to make serious noise. Drew Doughty is also getting up there, and there isn’t anyone else around to pick up the slack should Doughty occasionally need a walker to get around. Coach Todd McLellan will get the most of whatever’s here because that’s his thing, but if you’re looking for a surprise team to break through the Avs-Oilers-Knights axis, it ain’t here.

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