Brock Purdy still lives like a backup quarterback

Brock Purdy still lives like a backup quarterback

Brock Purdy appears to be a frugal man. As the final pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, I do not blame him. Careers for the player selected in that spot tend to not last long, and he had the expensive pleasure of being drafted by a team in California. The San Francisco 49ers play and practice in Santa Clara County, Calif. where the recommended income to rent a 2-bedroom apartment is $117,640.

The sticker shock for Purdy, who played college football in Ames, Iowa, likely left him in a temporary Mitch McConnell state when he started looking for housing. Purdy is currently the 49ers starting quarterback, and playing well enough that he should be making an NFL salary for a long time. Therefore rental prices anywhere in America should not bother him. However, even with his success on the field, Purdy is keeping his expenses low.

“I still have a roommate, one of the offensive linemen here,” Purdy said on the Today Show. “So he and I are still splitting rent. I still drive, you know, my Toyota Sequoia.”

As a rookie, Purdy’s base salary was $705,000 last season. Also, it was a bit of a surprise that he made the team. Last season, the 49ers were adamant that they were done with Jimmy Garoppolo until they couldn’t find a trade partner. The two sides worked out a deal, which resulted in Garoppolo beginning last season as the second-string quarterback.

Most teams only carry two quarterbacks, but the 49ers were so impressed with Purdy that they decided to keep three on the roster. He was thrust into the starting lineup in December against the Miami Dolphins when the 49ers were down to one quarterback following injuries to Trey Lance and Garoppolo.

Purdymania did not hit the Bay Area until winter. It was wise for him to keep that Sequoia running and those living expenses low, because he appeared destined for the backup quarterback life. That meant a career of — at best — a decade-plus of hopping from team to team. There was also the chance that he could wash out of the league in a few years.

His team was high on him during the offseason even as he was recovering from a torn UCL in his throwing elbow. By the end of this year’s training camp, Garoppolo and Lance were gone and Purdy was the man in the offensive huddle. Forgive him if he has yet to fully dive into the spoils that come with being the starting quarterback of the 49ers. His life was significantly less stable less than a year ago.

Currently the 49ers are undefeated, and Purdy’s statistics have him on the way to a Pro Bowl selection. If he keeps this pace up, once his contract is renegotiated following the 2024 season, a home in Santa Clara and possibly a cottage in Napa Valley will be in his future.

That all will come in due time. For now, Purdy has lifted himself from a potential cut to an unquestioned starter for a championship-caliber team. Having a roomie and no luxury vehicle is just fine while he gets used to being a star in the bay.

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