Colin Cowherd says Brian Daboll should resign as Giants head coach to lead the Chargers

Colin Cowherd says Brian Daboll should resign as Giants head coach to lead the Chargers

Fox Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd is at it again, this time on his podcast platform, “The Volume.”

Cowherd proposes that Brian Daboll resign as New York Giants head coach at the end of the season, freeing up his services for the Los Angeles Chargers. This sounds great in theory; however, there is no guarantee that Brandon Staley will be ousted in LA, especially since they’ve turned things around after starting the year 0-2.

Cowherd loves presenting these hypothetical scenarios on his shows, and they certainly make good talking points. However, there’s usually much more to the situation, like in this Daboll-to-LA scenario. The Giants coach is currently in the second season of a five-year deal. Trading multiple first-round picks for Daboll might be the only way to get him anytime soon.

Realistically speaking, it’ll take some Charger-sized collapse down the stretch to make this even a remote possibility. That’s not entirely off the menu, as we’ve seen this franchise meltdown in the past at the worst possible times. Last year’s wild-card loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars comes to mind. Another one of those Charger travesties, and Cowherd might get his wish.

Thinking about the possibility of Daboll working closely with Justin Herbert is enough to make any hardcore football fan excited. Daboll is viewed as one of the primary components in the development of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. They spent four years together in Buffalo and Allen hasn’t been quite the same since Daboll moved on.

Daboll has a pretty good track record, albeit mainly as an offensive coordinator. He also worked wonders with Daniel Jones in his first year as Giants head coach. Things improved enough in one season that the team decided to extend Jones’ contract. Although, through four games this year, that looks like a mistake the Giants are regretting.

Even with Jones’ regression in New York, you can’t help but imagine what Daboll could do with a talent like Herbert on the West Coast. Herbert is in the same class of QBs as Allen, with fewer turnovers. One advantage Allen has is he’s the better runner of the two QBs. Herbert can get out of the pocket, but he’s less likely to break off a long run down the field than his counterpart in Buffalo.

If there is a chance this could be manifested and Daboll becomes available following the season, the Chargers should figure out a way to make this happen. Anything short of Staley leading this team to an AFC title game means he could be expendable. If it works out that way, Cowherd may have called finally called one correctly. 

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