Dak Prescott is ‘pissed’ and he better stay that way against the 49ers

Dak Prescott is 'pissed' and he better stay that way against the 49ers

The Dallas Cowboys are flying high again after demolishing the New England Patriots, 38-3. This Week 4 matchup was a breeze compared to last week against the Arizona Cardinals. And now Dallas faces its biggest test of the season as they travel west to face San Francisco.

The 49ers are one of two remaining undefeated NFC teams and have eliminated the Cowboys in the past two postseasons. When asked about this after Sunday’s victory over the Patriots, Dak Prescott was not amused and let a reporter have it for mentioning the Cowboys’ playoff bug-a-boo.

“It’s obvious. …You just want to piss me off going into this week, and I appreciate that. I do, actually. I do. I appreciate that. I appreciate that.”

Prescott can be pissed all he wants. In fact, he should be, based on how Dallas’ offense performed the last time the Cowboys and Niners stepped onto the same field. The defense did their part, holding the 49ers to 19 points. Dak and the offense put up 12 points in the loss. Prescott passed for 206 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions.

So, the former Pro Bowl QB must keep that fiery disposition all week leading up to the latest battle with SF. Dallas needs a win badly to show everyone (including themselves) that they are still among the top teams in the NFL.

We’re four weeks into the season and Dallas hasn’t played a team with a winning record. Of course, you can only play who’s placed in front of you, but it shows how premature all that praise was after they beat the New York Giants and Jets back-to-back. It took a loss to the Cardinals for most folks to realize what many of us have said all along.

Hopefully, some of that Dak-atude can be transmitted to the rest of his offense, including head coach Mike McCarthy. Prescott needs his best performance of the year against the Niners this week.

It always feels like Dak is knocking on the door of being a bona fide Top 10 QB, then he’ll have a bad game or two and take multiple steps backward. He’s seemingly forever stuck in that 8-13 range of QB ranking.

“When we put it all together and score to our standard, it’s gonna be dangerous,” Prescott said after beating the Patriots.

After the win over New England, in which Prescott threw for 261 yards, two TDs (no turnovers), and only six incomplete passes, he called the offense dangerous when they score up to their standard. This show of confidence is great, but again, there are levels to this. It won’t be as easy to score 38 points against the 49ers on the road.

The Cowboys and Niners may not score a combined 38 points with these defenses on the field, let alone one team racking up that many points.

Should the Cowboys fail to make the necessary in-game adjustments against SF, it’ll be another long week of questioning that could piss off Prescott. 

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