Joe Namath is still the voice of the Jets — and what’s even stranger is he’s right

Joe Namath is still the voice of the Jets — and what's even stranger is he's right

Whenever the New York Jets are struggling — which is seemingly all the time — talking heads, pundits, and/or beat reporters will immediately turn to Joe Namath for comment. Making “The Guarantee,” delivering the franchise’s lone Super Bowl victory, and being the team’s best QB — despite throwing more INTs than TDs — has made Broadway Joe the unofficial Gang Green spokesman.

Almost 20 years ago, a famously drunk Namath said he couldn’t care less about the team struggling — he just wanted to kiss Suzy Kolber — but on Tuesday, the Hall of Famer has accepted the sobering reality that Zach Wilson is not the answer.

“I thought you’re trying to win and make plays. You quit on a play,” Namath said regarding the play of the team’s current signal-caller. “What is going on? It’s disgusting.

“I wouldn’t keep him,” Joe Willy continued. “You know, I’ve seen enough of Zach Wilson. Alright. I’ve seen enough. Has quick feet, can throw a little bit, but I don’t believe what’s going on up there.”

Namath is only saying what every Jets fan in New York — even Mike Greenberg is done with Wilsonis thinking and cursing the team over. It doesn’t seem Wilson has improved at all on the field. For Saleh to declare Wilson the guy and that be the end of the discussion deserves criticism. He clearly isn’t ready to lead an NFL franchise.

This Jets squad had high hopes entering the season with Aaron Rodgers captaining the ship. That all came crashing down a few plays into the opening game. Wilson wasn’t impressive in cleanup duty, but we’ve seen worse out of him. Saleh almost immediately dismissed any talk of bringing in another QB.

So, imagine you’re Wilson, coming into the season backing up Rodgers. You’re removed from the spotlight, thinking all the criticism and blame would be aimed at the guys actually playing. You get to sit back, collect a nice check, and not get hammered by NYC media every week. Then, at the snap of a finger, you’re thrust back into action, and two weeks later, a Jets legend is shredding you to the media. Life is freaking fantastic.

While Namath’s words may be harsh, he’s not wrong. However, we already knew Wilson wasn’t the guy to lead the Jets back into contention. He’s onto something when mentioning it starts from the top. Saleh needs to sit down with General Manager Joe Douglas and get on the same page if they aren’t already. This season is still salvageable at 1-2, but action needs to be taken soon.

Obviously, there aren’t a ton of reputable QBs just sitting around, but at this point, almost anyone would be a better option. Hell, bring back Joe Flacco. At least he can sling it up and down the field and give the Jets a chance at scoring points. Almost anything would be better than what’s happening currently.

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