Micah Parsons seems more upset by George Kittle’s ‘F Dallas’ shirt than loss to 49ers

Micah Parsons seems more upset by George Kittle's 'F Dallas' shirt than loss to 49ers

Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys were embarrassed on SNF
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Ugh, here we go. Once again, Dallas Cowboys All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons is commenting on something best left alone. Apparently, Parsons took exception to San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle’s t-shirt he revealed following Sunday night’s massacre. The shirt that has Parson’s in his feelings said, “F*ck Dallas.” Amazingly, this sent Parsons over “The Edge,” not the 42-10 arse kicking.

This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Parsons and made this “way more personal” than it already was. Has Micah been sleeping in a cave with Aaron Rodgers? The Cowboys-Niners rivalry has been personal for decades, long before he dwelled on earth.

Obviously, words hurt as they generally have meaning. The funniest part of this is that the Niners have owned the Cowboys in three consecutive matchups, the previous two coming in the last two postseasons. But Sunday’s is by far the most lopsided and embarrassing of the three losses.

Yet here we are, and Parson’s is worried about a shirt. Those three touchdowns Kittle scored on this “dominant” defense weren’t enough. Maybe the four TD passes by Brock Purdy weren’t personal enough. Oh, but that shirt took things way too far.

Seriously speaking

That could be the problem right there. Dallas didn’t take this game as seriously as their opponent. So much for Prescott being pissed off. The Cowboys were riding high at 3-1 on fake bravado after beating up on teams ranked in the lower tiers of the NFL. Everyone made excuses for them after losing to Arizona, all the while overlooking the fact that they hadn’t played any contenders.

Everyone gets a piece of the blame for this loss. From head coach Mike McCarthy to Dak Prescott, right on down, everyone on defense, including Parsons and even special teams. Dak wasn’t good, but we’ve come to expect that in big games. It’s not really shocking. The 49ers completely eliminated the threat of Parsons to the point where he had one solo tackle. He recorded a few assisted tackles but no sacks.

Talk about bad games; this had to be the worst of Parsons’ career thus far. Even in Dallas losses, you can usually count on Parson to record a sack or multiple pressures on the quarterback. It’s almost like he wasn’t on the field Sunday night. Now he’s online pouting because Kittle wore a vulgar shirt. Anyone who still views Dallas as a legit NFC contender is more delusional than Parsons.

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