Washington Commanders still struggling to escape mediocrity

Washington Commanders still struggling to escape mediocrity

It’s rough being a Washington Commanders fan. The team frequently teases its followers, making fans think the squad has turned a corner only to revert back to mediocrity. And if that’s what the Commanders do to fans, imagine being part of that franchise as a player and not just witnessing but being a cog in that same wheel every year. On Sunday, the Commanders lost a winnable game to the New York Giants, 14-7, causing Pro Bowl defensive tackle Jonathan Allen to go off following the game.

“They whupped our ass, plain and simple…” Allen told reporters. “I’m f*****g tired of this bulls**t. It’s been seven f*****g years of the same s**t.”

Allen didn’t hold back, and it’s easy to understand his frustration. Failing to capitalize in a low-scoring game against one of the worst teams in the NFL is enough to make anyone go off on a rant. After playing for–and winning with–Nick Saban at Alabama, it’s hard to endure nothing but losing your first seven years as a pro.

At Alabama, Allen played in back-to-back National Championships, winning one as part of the Crimson Tide. During his four years in college, Bama never lost more than two games in a season and won at least 11 every year Allen was there. Since being drafted 17th overall by Washington in 2017, Allen has yet to experience a winning record, with the closest being last year when the Commanders finished 8-8-1. Washington even won the division in 2020 and still finished two games under .500 at 7-9.

So, it’s easy to see how all this losing and dysfunction could get old, especially to a player who

was used to doing nothing but winning. Whether it was the sexual assault allegations and toxic culture running rampant through the organization under Daniel Snyder or the ineptitude of the coaching staff, this organization has been mismanaged and stuck in the mud for far too long.

Washington fell to 3-4 after the loss to New York and has a date with division rival Philadelphia on the schedule next week. After starting the season 2-0 with wins over Arizona and Denver, Washington has dropped four out of their last five games. And the Commanders still have two games against the Cowboys, Dolphins, Seahawks, Jets, and 49ers on the schedule. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Allen’s frustration will be allowed to subside anytime soon. 

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