The Colts need to take a chance on Kirk Cousins

The Colts need to take a chance on Kirk Cousins

With Anthony Richardson out, the Colts need to get Kirk Cousins.
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If you woke up a little late this morning, you may have missed the announcement out of Indianapolis that Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson was placed on injured reserve. Richardson is scheduled to miss at least four games on IR with a right shoulder injury (AC joint sprain) and could miss up to eight weeks. With the Colts sitting at 3-2, tied for first place in the AFC South, it might be a good idea to call Minnesota about acquiring Kirk Cousins.

Of course, Colts fans are screaming, “We have Gardner Minshew!” as we speak. He’s a good backup QB in spot play, but if Richardson misses more than four games, Indy might want someone more experienced for a longer stretch. Cousins gets a bad rap, but has been good during his stint in Minnesota, which looks to be ending soon. Earlier this week, the team stated they are “more open” to moving on from Cousins.

This makes sense for both parties as Cousins’ services would be a short-term lease. It helps the Vikings move into the Caleb Williams sweepstakes, then supplies a temporary solution for the absence of Richardson in Indianapolis. Even if Richardson returns after missing four games, Indy has options for the rest of the year. Someone would need to convince Mr. Cousins that this is a good idea and to waive his no-trade clause, but anything is possible.

In a jumbled, yet mediocre division, snatching up Cousins while Richardson rehabs should be enough to keep the Colts in the playoff picture. Cousins leads the league in touchdown tosses with 13 and is second in passing yards. Plus, Jonathan Taylor recently returned from his stint on IR.

The Colts need to strike while the iron is hot and take no chances on falling games behind the Jaguars in the division. If it is possible to make this trade happen, Jim Irsay needs to wake up and get it done.

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