Why would you want to get Ben Simmons’ face tattooed on your chest?

Why would you want to get Ben Simmons' face tattooed on your chest?

Ben Simmons encountered his likely No. 1 fan at a preseason game
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Brooklyn Nets point guard Ben Simmons recently discovered what it’s like to come face-to-face with himself. While interacting with a group of fans before Monday night’s preseason game at Barclays Center, Simmons met a young fan with a tattoo of Ben’s face on his chest. Even Simmons was a bit shocked at the piece paying homage.

Tattoo culture has exploded over the past 20 years, especially in the United States. It isn’t uncommon to see fans with body art of their favorite athletes, celebrities, or loved ones. But even Simmons had a look of amazement on his face when this man revealed this tattoo.

It’s almost as if Simmons was thinking what we’re all thinking. Of all the NBA talent on the planet, you went with me? Ben was so flattered that he gave the guy his warmup shirt. We hear the term No. 1 fan so often and have for decades. This dude is unequivocally the No. 1 Ben Simmons fan walking the planet.

Until further notice, this Nets fan holds the crown as Simmons numero uno fan. There were so many more guys to choose from. But he went with the player more known for passing up dunks to avoid shooting high-pressure free throws. Almost any other star player would’ve been a better look but to each their own.

Honestly, homeboy deserves more than a sweaty warmup shirt for this one. Talk about taking one for the team. There aren’t too many people rocking with Simmons like that nowadays. Get that man some free tickets, an autographed jersey, a day on the town with Ben, or something more than a freaking shirt. 

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