Iran-backed Houthis target Greek and British cargo ships in Red Sea – live updates

Iran-backed Houthis target Greek and British cargo ships in Red Sea 3

In a concerning escalation of hostilities, Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen launched six ballistic missiles targeting ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, resulting in minor damage to one vessel. The attack included a Greek-owned bulk carrier struck by three projectiles and a British-owned cargo ship targeted earlier in the day. Fortunately, the USS Laboon, operating near the Greek vessel, intercepted and destroyed a third missile launched by the Houthis, as confirmed by the US Central Command.

The Greek-owned ship, Star Nasia, sustained damage from an explosion at approximately 11:15 am GMT, according to a statement from a Greek shipping ministry official. These attacks occurred shortly after joint airstrikes by the US and UK on Houthi bases in Yemen, indicating a continuation of tensions in the region.

In a shift from previous statements, the US State Department spokesperson, Vedant Patel, clarified that there was not a pre-notification to the Iraqi government regarding the airstrikes conducted by the US. Instead, the Iraqi government was notified immediately after the strikes occurred. The US retaliatory strikes targeted over 85 locations in Iraq and Syria, resulting in at least 39 casualties. These developments underscore the volatile situation in the region and the ongoing challenges in addressing conflicts and ensuring stability.