Usher Would Be ‘Foolish’ to Perform at Super Bowl Halftime Without Inviting Lil Jon and Ludacris

Usher Would Be ‘Foolish’ to Perform at Super Bowl Halftime Without Inviting Lil Jon and Ludacris

Usher’s anticipated performance at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show may not be a solo act, as he hints at potential appearances by collaborators during his set. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight published on February 8, the 45-year-old singer expressed excitement about including his hit song “Yeah!” in the lineup, acknowledging the presence of fellow artists Jon and Ludacris.

The trio’s collaboration on “Yeah!” in 2004 marked a significant milestone in Usher’s career, and their synergy continued with the release of “SexBeat” in 2020. Reflecting on their early days in Atlanta, Usher reminisced about the supportive music scene and the collaborative spirit that led to their chart-topping success.

Lil Jon, instrumental in bringing “Yeah!” to fruition, approached Usher and Ludacris with the song, igniting a creative partnership that resonated with audiences worldwide. Speculation about the Super Bowl performance mounted following the announcement of Usher headlining the halftime show in September 2023, with fans eagerly anticipating surprise guests and song selections.

Ludacris, in particular, expressed openness to a cameo appearance, highlighting the longstanding friendship among the artists and the excitement surrounding such a prestigious opportunity. As the countdown to Usher’s performance at Allegiant Stadium draws closer, the singer is focused on delivering a memorable show for fans, emphasizing the importance of positivity and enjoying the moment.

Ahead of the big day, Usher has prioritized his health and well-being, adopting a strict diet regimen that excludes gluten, sugar, and alcohol. Additionally, he has abstained from cigars and other indulgences during his preparations, striving to be in peak condition for the highly anticipated event. With meticulous planning and a commitment to excellence, Usher aims to deliver a performance that leaves a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.