Wisconsin’s Most Wanted: Antwineesha Burse accused of killing baby in crash

Wisconsin's Most Wanted Antwineesha Burse accused of killing baby in crash

A Milwaukee woman, Antwineesha Burse, is currently evading authorities after being accused of causing a fatal crash while intoxicated, resulting in the death of a baby. According to investigators, Burse allegedly took a car from an acquaintance while under the influence of alcohol, with a one-year-old child, Zarion Robinson, in the backseat at the time of the incident.

The tragic events unfolded in January 2023 when a woman reported to Milwaukee police that she had briefly stepped away from her parked car, leaving her baby inside, with Burse also present in the vehicle. Burse reportedly drove off in the Pontiac G6, with the infant still in the backseat. The situation escalated when the car collided head-on with a van near 35th and Hope, resulting in fatal injuries for young Robinson. Investigators later discovered that Burse was driving without a license.

Despite being hospitalized following the crash, Burse was subsequently charged. However, she failed to appear for her court proceedings, leading to a warrant issued for her arrest in March of the same year. Since then, Burse has been at large, evading law enforcement.

The devastating loss of Zarion Robinson has left his family and the community reeling. At a vigil held in his memory, the baby’s grandfather expressed profound grief, stating that the incident was more than just a mistake. Despite pleas for accountability, Burse remains elusive.

U.S. Marshals, in their efforts to apprehend Burse, have highlighted her tendency to alter her appearance and numerous tattoos, including a rose on her right shoulder and butterflies on her right wrist. Descriptions indicate that Burse stands at 5’5″ tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds.

Law enforcement authorities are urging anyone with information regarding Burse’s whereabouts to come forward and contact the U.S. Marshal tip line at 414-297-3707. Callers will remain anonymous, as efforts to bring closure and justice for the victims continue.