Mr. Ivermectin might be delusional, but he seems to be giving the Jets hope

Mr. Ivermectin might be delusional, but he seems to be giving the Jets hope

Aaron Rodgers is convinced he can get back on the field well ahead of any normal recovery schedule.
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After Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon four plays into the season, nobody thought the New York Jets would still be alive and kicking five weeks later. Yet here we are, following their Week 6 upset over the defending NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles, and the Jets are 3-3. Indeed, Rodgers’ speedy progress and recovery, coupled with his pregame presence on the field, has done something to keep hope alive in the Jets locker room.

Most people (including myself) were skeptical when Rodgers jumped on “The Pat McAfee Show” not long after surgery and claimed he was aiming to return late in the season. Just thinking about it sounds ridiculous after such a serious injury that athletes usually take anywhere from six months to a year or more to return.

Former Rams running back Cam Akers was able to get back on the field within six months following his Achilles tear, but that’s one rare example from the dozens of Achilles injuries over the years. So that type of recovery is not impossible, just highly improbable.

Apparently, that time frame won’t work for A-Rod. And his display before Sunday’s game was a way to show all the doubters that he’s on track to return to the field at some point this season. I’m still not buying it and will need to see him in full uniform and pads taking live in-game snaps before I’m a believer. But it’s the hope aspect of this storyline that’s so intriguing. It’s like the slight chance of Rodgers getting back on the field keeps this team going.

A-Rod on the field before yesterday’s game against the Eagles was no coincidence. Mr. Ayahuasca himself was out there for a specific reason. His teammates can take it however they want and use it as motivation, but Rodgers being on that field, walking without crutches, and throwing passes was all about him. If it happened to give the team a boost, great. But Rodgers is about Rodgers and always has been. We saw that when he led folks to believe he was compliant with league COVID protocols as he strutted around Green Bay’s team facilities “immunized.”

However, for the Jets, Rodgers being in attendance and staying engaged with the team seems to be having some positive effect. Regardless of how we view it from the outside, if Rodgers’ progress keeps the team motivated, then more power to ‘em. While a Rodgers return in the next couple of months still seems far-fetched, I guess it can’t be 100 percent ruled out. Even with his progress thus far, walking around and throwing short passes are entirely different from suiting up and impacting an NFL game in January. 

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